JAEWON CHO (J1 Studio)
Contact :  j1studio.la@gmail.com | www.j1studio.com


Founder and designer at  J1 Studio, Jaewon Cho was born in South Korea and moved to the United States at the age of 16, where he became interested in sculpture and architecture. Aftrer graduating from Art Center College of Design, with a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental design, he started J1 Studio an experimental design studio based in Los Angeles, focusing on furniture and temporary spaces. The studio produces simple, unique, modular objects and systems that have the quality of sculpture but function as furniture. His work has been featured in numerous international publications including Fast Company, Ready Made, Architecture Digest and Vogue to name a few.  He was also featured in Design and Architecture, hosted by Frances Anderton on KCRW. Exhibitions include the Architecture and Design Museum, Design Matters gallery and M.A.D.E gallery in Los Angeles. Jaewon Cho lives and works between Los Angeles and Seoul.