The Roof (2023)

“The Roof” pet house - where style meets functionality for pets of all kinds.  Designed in California, “The Roof” boasts a strudy triangular shape for durability and stability, ensuring a safe haven for your furry friend. Its modular design offers five entrance options, catering to the needs of various pets. 
Each side panel is adorned with vibrant colors and unique patterns, adding a touch of personality to your pet’s space. The retro yet futuristic design seamlessly blends into any home decor, while the handle on top ensures easy transportation around the house or on-the-go adventures.
Experience the beauty of natural light filtering through the side panels, creating a serene ambiance for your pet to relax in style. Upgrade your pet’s living quarters with “The Roof” - where comfort, design, and innovation come together for a purrfect retreat.
                                                                   **Assembly Required

Design by Jaewon Cho
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